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Welcome Beautiful Soul,

My name is Stephanie Albright.
(aka GG or Galactic Girl) in the USA and New Zealand.

In 1998, I began to see "Spirits" while I was in a session with my client.  After that, when ever I was with a client I would "see" their loved ones and sometimes pets that had transitioned, angelic beings, spirit guides and other star beings of light. These beings would show up for the person having the session as a supportive role.

As a clairvoyant I visually "see" images through my inner or 3rd eye and there is also a "knowing" that brings forth insight as to what is helpful to assist the client in living their life fully. You could say that I am like the "kicker" in the movie called 'Inception'. I get to assist in helping others to "wake themselves up" as they become aware that they are the writers, directors and designers of their own life story!
I start each session by connecting my higher self with the clients higher self through the heart. We are then able to assist each other throughout the session without the Ego getting in the way.

The messages translated to the client are always positive and uplifting. The client's therapy session is given at the same that information is given. The therapy is called SHUE (Spectrum Health using Universal Energy). SHUE assists the client in moving to their next evolutionary step in life thus allowing him or her to be able to live fully and BE who they "really" are. This is the whole and complete aspect of themselves.

Guidance and messages contain unseen codes or activations that come from your Higher Self (Divine Soul), your Spirit guides and your Star family. In every session, you will always receive what it is that you need most in the moment and your Higher Self chooses what is most optimal for you.

It is with great gratitude that I offer my Higher Self's assistance to others so that they too may access their own intuitive abilities, connect with their Higher Self and heal themselves.

What a wonderful blessing it is to be present as each client awakens to who they truly are.

I believe we are all family regardless of where we come from.
Let us find laughter and excitement to bring us balance and flow as we play together.

NOW is the time to claim your happiness, health, and wholeness.

Cosmically yours,